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Thema: Announcement: 5. Event Nürburgring

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    Zitat Zitat von Martin Ulrik Beitrag anzeigen
    Dont now were to start. Its like when i race here a devil comes up in me. Were involved in multipli incidents
    Much too many mistakes. Will for sure need another mindset for rest of season to turn around this spiral of destruction.
    Yeah Martin, we had a lot of good fights @SRU - so i don't know what's happening here. We also had some really nice moves against each other in race 2, had a lot of fun. But then i only saw you hitting Dennis and thought: wow, that was optimistic....

    Perhaps you put too much pressure on yourself, because you easily have the speed for race-victories and end up in some difficult situations. Or the other guys are just slower than you expect

    I hope you can make a turnaround and win some of the races left this season without any incidents.

    And for myself i hope for more rain in all the races

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    Stefan Daenecke ich verstehe das nicht Falsch!! beim nächsten Rennen bin ich auch voll konzentriert :-)

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    Bitte Gewichte auf dem Server anpasen!

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